A Call for Improvements on Windows Live Writer


I’m writing this very post on Windows Live Writer.

In case you’d ask, I’m using the latest public version, which is not a Beta anymore (I think):

WLW version

I’ve also just recommended WLW for a new blogger.

however, there are still some annoying things here, that I might’ve liked fixed. - XHTML output. I said something about it, then Joe Cheng from the WLW team commented:WLW xhtml quoteHowever, I’d like to show you a bit from this very post :WLW Not closing tagsNow you believe me?I believe this is a fairly simple thing to fix, as those two (img and br) are simple tags, so no need to handle nesting tags, etc. - Search and Replace (Ctrl+H).Come on, even Notepad.exe has it.

How I wish it was an Open Source product …

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