Building Castle on Vista


So after moving to Vista last week, I’ve tried a full castle build with tests.


Things I had to take care for it to run properly (from easy to not-as): - Make sure Nant is in the path - Make sure that NUnit 2.2.x is in the path explanation: for some reason, the remoting tests fail when being run from NUnit 2.4.x   As I’d rather not to gac any specific NUnit version, I have on my C:\Program Files two separate directories, one called "NUnit 2.2.8" and one called "NUnit 2.4.7", and the shortcut I use for firing a Command Prompt for Castle is making sure that NUnit 2.2.8 is in the path. - Setup the test databases for DB related integration tests (as explained in "How To Build.txt") - Make sure that you use an elevated command prompt - the shortcut I’ve mentioned on 2. is set as "Run As Administrator" - To make the WcfIntegration facility tests run correctly, you need to run this thing once: sc.exe config NetTcpPortSharing start= demand - some config files are missing from the build folder (Castle\build). until we fix it in the nant script, you have to manually run copy ..\Facilities\Wcf\Castle.Facilities.WcfIntegration.Tests\Configure*.xml ..\Build


Now that I have a way to run the build and make sure all tests pass, I can start working on my next Castle assignment - bringing AspView into the core project, but that’s a whole other post so keep your RSS reader open …

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