Speed up Visual Studio 2005 SP1 install

on December 28th, 2006 at 2:13pm , 0 responses

The SP1 of Visual Studio 2005 was out, and it was (almost) great.

Why almost? If you have tried to install it, then you must know. It takes a LOT of time to run. And it uses a LOT of resources. If you do not believe me, take a look at what Ayende has been writing while installing it.

Luckily, Jon Gallowai has blogged about a patch to shorten the setup time.

Take a look, if you care for you cpu time.

Some improvements in AspView - revision 47 is out

on December 10th, 2006 at 2:15pm , , , 0 responses

What's new?

1. siteRoot has been added to AspViewBase, so you can ditch the "string siteRoot" from the declerations area.

2. Some permormance improvements. Instead of using "Activator.CreateInstance" everytime a view is to be rendered, a hashtable with ConstructorInfo objects is generated upon reading CompiledViews.dll. This was taken from the c# version of Brail

3. A new syntax for subviews:

you can use

   1:  <subView:MyMenu item="menuItem"></subView:MyMenu>

instead of

   1:  <% OutputSubView("MyMenu", Helper.Dict("item", "menuItem")); %>

take note the <subView:Blah /> is not currently allowed. I'll fix it shortly.

the link is here

Things I've been doing lately

on December 3rd, 2006 at 8:09pm , , , , , 0 responses

I've been off the radar lately, due to some extensive work I do on a website for my employer.

It is still in early stages and I cannot talk about the site itself, but I can talk a little about the technology that drives it.

In one word: Castle.

In a few more words:

Data Access and OR/m: Castle's ActiveRecord over NHibernate

Web UI Engine: Castle's MonoRail

ViewEngine: AspView (by yours truely, inspired by Ayende's Brail). All my spare time from work goes there.

Client Side Javascript stuff: Prototype and Scriptaculous.

I really believe in the efforts made by Castle group, and I hope the the site I'm working on will be successful, as to serve for yet another prove of concept.


One more thing I'm doing last month, is that I've decided to finally end the thing with my Bachelor's degree. I needed to retake Linear Algebra I (yep, that one the all the  non-bullet-time Matrixes ...   I H-A-T-E adjoined matrixes. yuck) so that's actually why AspView doesn't progress as I'd want it too (and as some of my readers want, too).



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